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Goat Dairy, Gawler Tasmania

Goats, Goats, Goats, Chickens, Coffee and Children.

Based in Gawler Tasmania, we endeavour to produce Goat Dairy Products such as Artisan Cheeses, Soaps and other related products using Animal and Environmentally Friendly Techniques.

We not only care for our animals but are also concerned about the well-being of our local environment and impacts on the surrounding area's, and so endeavour to use farming practises that are ecological and sustainable.

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Stretching over 25km, from, Gentle Annie Hill to beyond Moina, the Letterbox Trail takes you down Wilmot Road, through the Wilmot township, onto Cradle Mountain Road and on up past Moina. Some think the Trail ends at Moina, but for us we've discovered some up further, so we think the Trail ends at P
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I recently visited the farm, the hosts were friendly, and very open about the welfare of their animals and environment. Had a great time feeding and talking to the animals.

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