Happy Valley Goat Farm

Who we are, our animals, and what we do.

Happy Valley Farm is owned and operated by Angie and Dennis Suitters and our 2 children, where we raise Ruminants (our hardest workers here), Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys, Guinea Fowl, Geese and Bella & Bambini our Cheeky Maremma's (Large Guardian Dogs).

We practise Regenerative Agriculture which removes the need for Petrochemical Fertilisers or Additives, improves Soil Health, increases Soil Water Holding Capacity reducing Runoff and Sequesters CO2 (Carbon).

Our Ruminants include:

Pirate Elsie (because of her one eye), a Jersey Cow that we Agist from our Neighbour who treats them as ours. Elsie is a rescue animal that was pregnant when a much larger farm took her in, and where she gave birth to her calf Precious. We share milk from Elsie with Precious. Elsie often indicates that she wants to be milked, and often allows us to milk her standing in the middle of the paddock she's in, without the use of headstocks.

Sheep, well, our flock changes from year to year, but we have adult sheep that are always here, Persephone (the matriarch), Rowena (Persephone's mother).

We call our Ruminants the hardest workers due to the work they do to graze the pasture they're in, digest the grasses, improving the soil with their manure which is fertiliser, which all goes into the Regenerative Process allowing the soil to Sequester Carbon.

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