Wilmot Letterbox Trail

Wilmot Letterbox Trail

Published: Feb 4th, 2020 5:31 PM
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Stretching over 25km, from, Gentle Annie Hill and just beyond Moina, the Letterbox Trail takes you down Wilmot Road, through the Wilmot township, onto Cradle Mountain Road and on up past Moina. Some think the Trail ends at Moina, but for us we've discovered some up further, so we think the Trail ends at Post Office Tree (picture above).

About 80 letterboxes, some bought, but most being made up be some clever individuals using scrap and other materials, provide some stops at interesting places and views along the way, with some providing some light-hearted humour if your sharp enough to notice.

Wilmot itself is known as the Valley of Views for its spectacular panoramas of Tasmania’s northern mountains, behind a foreground featuring Lake Barrington flanked by fertile farmland.

Wilmot is a scenic route for travellers to Cradle Mountain but has plenty of its own attractions, including Wilmot Hills Vineyard and distillery, Cragmore Farm Olive Grove, Lake Barrington (fishing, camping and watersports), Wilmot Museum and plenty of B&B accommodation.

Between Wilmot and Cradle Mountain, you'll find the historic gold town of Moina, which features the Cradle Forest Inn and Lemon Thyme Lodge, mining town ruins in the forest and three spectacular waterfalls including Bridal Veil, Champagne and No Name Falls.

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