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Goats, the Good, the Bad, the Myths

Goats, the Good, the Bad, the Myths

Published: Dec 22nd, 2019 5:16 PM
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If you love Goats as much as we do, then you already know how much fun and enjoyment they give back to their carer's. Below are some fun facts about Goats, some Good, some Bad and some Myths. You may already know some, but we'd like to share stuff we've discovered and interesting stuff we've learned from others.

Baby Goats are called Kids.

The "Death Nap", especially for new Goat owners this can be a scary and heart-stopping experience. Goats can have such a deep sleep state that they can look they have died, so much so, that it can be hard to wake them up. It's also something that you never get used to.

Funny Death Nap Meme

Goats are picky eaters, we know, they won't eat Bracken Fern and they aren't interested in your Outdoor Furniture, your washing on the line, or your kid's toys. They may mouth them, which is their way of learning what something is, may also be testing if something is palatable.

Goats (well most) love Blackberry, it's supposed to be medicinal for them. I have only heard of one (1) Goat that didn't like Blackberry so I'm guessing not all like Blackberry.

Female Goats (DOES) are not mean, head butting or nibbling is more akin to play not aggression. Male Goats that are castrated (WETHERS) are nice too. Male Goats that are intact (BUCKS) can be aggressive and will bite and head butt.

Goats Milk can be frozen without issues, unlike Cow or other animals milk, where freezing damages the enzymes and other goodness.

Goats are herd animals, at least two (2) does or doe-lings (young females) so they have company, or they will be super sad and loud if left alone. You can though, have a single Goat with a cow, sheep or a horse.

Bucks can and will be smelly and aggressive, which is a part of them bringing the does into heat for breeding. They will pee on themselves, drink their pee (yes they can reach their wieners). Just going near a Buck will get their stink on you, you don't even have to touch or handle them directly. Their pee contains pheromones that change the doe's hormones that bring them into heat. Bucks can also cause issues with souring the does milk if in close proximity. If you milk your does, it would be better to use AI (Artificial Insemination), or have the does visit the bucks home to get pregnant.

Goats Horns are made of the same stuff as our nails. You shouldn't use their horns to push, pull or try to control them, it can make them aggressive, and they will most likely move their heads quickly which can get you hurt. We have heard that grabbing their horns can hurt them and potentially kill them, I'm not sure about this I'm not a Goat, but I would play it safe for the Goats well being.

Goats are escape artists and need good well-maintained fencing.

Naughty Goat
Photo is for illustration only from Shutterstock (Not one of our Goats).

Goats love to play and be the king of the castle. If you build play equipment make sure it's sturdy and not so high that they can hurt themselves when they jump off or push their paddock mates off.

Goat Play Gym
Photo for illustration only, not our goats.

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